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Sign The Petition

Join John Legend and sign the petition to support ACA 6 to restore voting rights for formerly incarcerated Californians!

Learn More

Read our Community Fact Sheet, and visit the California Legislative Information page for ACA 6 and AB 646 to follow these bills.

Spread The Word

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Write A Support Letter

Please urge organizations that you are a member of to use this Letter of Support template to support this crucial reform.

Call Your Representative

Call your California state representative to voice your support for this legislation using the sample script below. If you are unsure of who your representatives are, visit this website.

The sample script to call your rep:

Hello, I am a voter in [Senator or Assemblymember’s] district, and I’m calling to urge [him/her] to vote Yes on ACA 6 and AB 646. Nearly 50,000 Californians on parole are working, paying taxes, and positively contributing to their communities, yet they are unable to vote at any level of government. I believe that every Californian on parole should have the right to vote, and that this issue should be on the ballot in 2020. Thank you for your time.


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