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Video: “If I Could Vote”

by Initiate Justice

162,000 people in California cannot vote because they are in prison or on parole. Hear what Jayda, Hugo, Richard, Adam, James, and Kenneth would vote for if their voting rights were restored.


Everyone deserves the right to vote — including parolees. California can lead the way

The Sacramento Bee

S.F. Shows Support for Reinstating Voting Rights to Californians on Parole

San Francisco Weekly

SF leaders urge California to restore voting rights for parolees

San Francisco Examiner

People on Parole Fight to Reclaim the Ballot


End Racist Voter Suppression and Restore the Right to Vote

San Francisco Daily Journal

Panel okays voting rights for former prisoners, parolees

Capitol Weekly

Kim Kardashian West Visits State Capitol For Push For Criminal Justice Reform

CBS Sacramento

California Bill Would Give Voting Rights to Parolees

Courthouse News Service

Should convicted felons on parole be allowed to vote? Californians may soon decide

The Sacramento Bee